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Hi ! I'm Maggie, the owner of Maggie Ann Soap Co, based out of Grand Rapids, MI.

I first learned soap making from my mother. Each Christmas we would spend time together making melt-and-pour soap for gifts. I loved that time with my mom and the whole creative process. 

When she suddenly passed away in November 2014 I lost my best friend and soap making buddy. A few weeks later as I was cleaning out her things, I found one of her old soap making books on the cold process method and something came over me. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before...

“I going to do this! I’m going to start my own soap business!” I excitedly told my husband.

I threw myself into learning the trade and haven't looked back.

I am inspired by the beautiful soap I see other artisans create and always push myself to make my soap unique and beautiful.

My customers love not only the beautiful bars that I create, but the fragrances that I come up with and the fact that I am eco friendly and strive to reduce landfill waste.