Rose Petal


Don’t let the delicate soft scent of roses fool you - rose petal oil is thought to to have powerful benefits for your skin, including antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Great for gifts, it’s like giving someone the secret to healthy, moisturized skin in a sweet, unsuspecting package.


Because our soap is lovingly handmade, there will be color and size variations with each batch.

Made with pure and natural ingredients, our bars are free of artificial preservatives or detergents. Using Maggie Ann Soap also drastically reduces your landfill impact, because each bar is wrapped in biolefin, an ecologically sustainable plastic wrap that deteriorates in 3 years.

SOAP CARE AND USE | To prolong the life of each bar, allow it to dry in between uses. Soap that sits in liquid will dissolve more quickly. We recommend a soap dish or sponge.

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